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Thread: Show us your Fronts/Gibbs

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    Show us your Fronts/Gibbs

    Let's see pictures of your Fronts/Gibbs...

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    Do old ones count. My favorites are the kapampas. Hello Bill.
    Here is one i had 6 or 7 years ago. I was crazy for keeping the red sand now that i think about it.lol...

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    WC Cyphotilapia gibberosa "Samazi Blue" group

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    I kept these for a while... moba....

    Click to make larger...

    Male Moba.jpg

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    I wish that I could take pictures, have kepted a number of varieties, right now I have my two favorites "Tazanites" and "Kitumbas". I have been thinking of getting my third favorites, the seven stripe Fronts.
    Maybe I will find the pictures Bobby Phillips took of my "Tazanites", incredible pictures! Sarah, are they still on the CCA site?

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    Here are some Burundi fronts I used to keep. I do miss them.

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    Gibb Kitumba

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    Kapampa Male

    Burundi Male


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    Part of Mpimbwe breeder group
    Fish 002 - Copy.jpg

    click to enlarge

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    Hey Daniel, remember these?
    (Courtesy Bobby Phillips, Pat Kelly, Sarah)

    Daniel's Old Group of Cyphotilapia gibberosa "Tanzanite"

    I saw these in person, and they were phenomenal.

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