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Thread: Enantiopus and Xenotilapia

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    Enantiopus and Xenotilapia

    Hi , my tank footprint is 72" x 18" , its 24" high so about 500ltr/100 gall (imp) , was wondering if it would be possible to keep Enantiopus sp. "kilesa" and Xenotilapia sp. "papilio sunflower" together in this size tank ? I have also been looking at Cyathopharynx foae but know nothing about them , could these be kept with either or both of the species mentioned ? I also have a small group of the smaller Cyprichromis leptosoma (mpulungu) , I'm guessing I would be pushing it wanting to add these as well ?

    Cheers , Sean
    Cyphotilapia frontosa (kavala)
    Cyprichromis microlepidotus
    Enantiopus sp. "kilesa"
    Lamprologus brevis
    Ophthalmotilapia nasuta (chimba)
    Xenotilapia flavipinnis (cape nangu)
    Xenotilapia sima (isanga)
    Xenotilapia papilio (tembwe deux)

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    Out of the fish you listed I would probably pick three of the fish.... I wouldn't try to push my luck too much but any combination should work. Although, if it was my tank I wouldn't mix the sifters as one of them is always going to look better than the other.

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    But if you really wanted four species... add a bit of rock and you could always add Calvus or Gobies.

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